Climate Resilience Program

Do you need help to create your climate adaptation plan and increase your resilience against the impacts of climate change and extreme weather? Apply for the Climate Adaptation Program!

Diverse Pathways to Net-Zero

All Net-Zero Pathways Begin With a Local Step October 2021 The Diverse Pathways to Net-Zero initiative examines the critical role that Canadian communities play on the pathway to net-zero.Project Overview During the first phase of this initiative, we published the...

National Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Handbook

May 2020 Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) presents a unique opportunity not only to tackle GHG emissions and improve local air quality, but also to advance a circular economy for municipalities. When implemented on a municipal scale, biomethane can also be injected into...

New Brunswick Smart Energy Communities Accelerator Pilot Program

March 31, 2022 Today, QUEST Canada announced a new milestone for communities participating in the New Brunswick Smart Energy Community Accelerator Pilot Program.Nov. 15, 2021 SECA program aids New Brunswick communities in discussing and actioning community energy...
Innovation Sandboxes

Innovation Sandboxes

The goal of the Regulatory Innovation Sandboxes project is to create foundational policy frameworks for legislated regulation innovation. The foundational frameworks can then be used by provincial, territorial and federal policymakers and regulators to create more effective policies, regulations, and programs to accelerate the transition to a low-emissions future efficiently and fairly using a multi-sectoral, collaborative process.



facebooktwitterlinkedinyoutubeFor many municipalities, there is a disconnect between broader provincial planning...