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Do you share our vision of a sustainable, net-zero future, where communities are prosperous thanks to coordinated local action on energy and emissions? If so, learn more about how you can get involved, and partner in our work assisting and enabling communities on the pathway to net-zero. 

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Becoming a QUEST Canada partner is a mutually beneficial opportunity that goes beyond positive brand association. Each partner enables QUEST Canada to help communities on the pathway to net-zero, while also receiving benefits that assist and enable climate and energy governance structures, improve profile and branding, invite knowledge exchange, encourage strategic input, and deliver cost savings for other QUEST offerings. 

Being a QUEST Canada partner also provides organizations, municipalities, and companies the benefits of access to:

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Participate in the Executive Leaders’ Council with QUEST’s Executive Director, receive touch points from the E.D., and share your ideas and input at QUEST’s Board of Directors’ Governance “Roadshow”.

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Access exclusive working groups that assist and enable climate and energy governance structures, and support local action and system integration, provincially and federally.

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Receive access to the use of QUEST Canada’s supporter logo, and the placement of your logo hyperlinked on QUEST Canada’s website to strengthen cross promotion. 

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Access working groups, public community of practice (CoP) meetings and webinars, monthly enews, and staff expertise, offered in three tiers of knowledge transfer and learning opportunities.

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Access event sponsorship and speaking opportunities early, at a discounted rate.

Interested in becoming a QUEST Canada partner? Visit Our Partners page to see our present partners, and contact us today at [email protected].

Support a Program or Project

Interested in directly supporting a QUEST Canada program or project? Visit our resources webpage to learn more about our programs and projects or contact us today for more information. 

Discover Networking Opportunities

QUEST Canada’s Working Groups and Communities of Practice are a meeting place for governments, utilities & energy service providers, the buildings sector, the product and professional service sector, among others to collaborate, learn from one another, evaluate how to implement on the ground solutions.

Working Groups are exclusive to QUEST Canada supporters and Communities of Practice are open to QUEST’s entire network, free of charge.


Send an email to Norma Panetta at [email protected]

Low-Carbon Thermal Network Working Group

The Low-Carbon Thermal Network will enhance cooperation between QUEST Canada Partners with an interest in low-carbon thermal energy.

It will provide a forum for discussion and information exchange intended to help build a robust low-carbon thermal marketplace in Canada.

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Low Carbon Energy Innovation Community of Practice

The Community of Practice (CoP) provides a space for practitioners to share tips and best practices, ask questions of their colleagues, and receive peer-to-peer support on matters relating to low-carbon energy innovation.

As a member of the CoP, participants will be able to learn from and share best practices with colleagues across Canada.

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New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island Municipal Working Group

Launched in 2016, the NB-PEI Municipal Working Group is a resource for municipalities engaged in community energy planning, partnership-building, and smart energy projects to share their experiences, lessons learned and transfer knowledge about best practices.

Participants are leaders in moving toward achieving provincial greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals and transitioning toward Net-Zero Communities.

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Prairies Net-Zero Communities Accelerator Working Group

Launched in October, 2023, our Prairies NCA Program assists and enables communities in Western Canada to achieve their energy and emissions objectives.

Participants of the Working Group are leaders in moving toward achieving provincial GHG emissions reduction goals and transitioning toward Net-Zero Communities.

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Ontario Community Energy and Climate (ON-CEC) Working Group

By implementing a community energy plan and using energy more efficiently, a community can keep more money in the local economy, generate opportunities for local energy projects and jobs and help manage risks from increasing energy prices and a changing climate.

In Ontario, the number of communities implementing a community energy plan is growing each year.

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