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Pathways to Net-Zero

Big things are happening at QUEST Canada.

We’ve finalized our 2023-2025 strategic plan, launched an updated brand, published our first theory of change and announced exciting new programs and initiatives. 

The community Role

in getting to net-zero

Our Communities are at the Forefront

Communities are responsible for over half of Canada’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. As we move toward net-zero, communities will be integral in implementing on-the-ground solutions. 

There are more than 4,000 communities in Canada at the forefront of the energy transition. They are diverse with regards to culture, geography, economies, energy mix as well as resources. We need to give communities the support and resources they need to implement local solutions that contribute to Canada’s net-zero target.

Communities on the pathway to net-zero reap several benefits. Community energy planning lowers greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants, creates energy and health expenditure, and also offers greater resilience to the impacts of climate change. On average, less than 15% of energy spending stays in the local economy, but community energy planning can change that.

 of Canada’s energy use and GHG emissions are the responsibility of communities

communities in Canada

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2023-2025 Strategic Plan

Creating a sustainable net-zero future!

2023-2025 Strategic Plan

We’re excited to announce our new strategic plan for the next three years, detailing our updated vision, mission and values as well as our strategic priority and key activities. 

Theory of change

identifying how we will make an impact

Theory of Change

We are proud to present our first theory of change. We undertook this rigorous planning and evaluation process to hold ourselves accountable to the change our organization has the opportunity to make in Canada — and to identify how we’re going to do that. This process helped us better understand the connection between our actions and vision as well as identify intermediate steps that result in the outcomes we aim to achieve.

Our theory of change is a living document and will be further refined as we move forward to create our impact measurement, evaluation process, and test our strategies.

Brand Update

celebrating our national reach

Meet our updated brand

In 2020, we reached out to our network to learn more about what they thought about our brand. We received feedback suggesting that the brand should be more representative of our national unity.

We are committed to supporting all Canadian communities on their pathway to net-zero, which is why we have introduced the maple leaf to our logo — celebrating our national reach.

There are 5,000+ in our network represented by more than 20 sectors including Canadian governments, regulators, industry, utilities, associations and non-profits. In 2021 alone, we worked with more than 200 local governments directly engaged in energy capacity building across the country.

interview series

the role communities play on the pathway to net-zero

Interview Series Trailer

Five interviews, with five unique perspectives, about the role communities play in contributing to Canada’s net-zero targets.

Interview 1

Peter Tertzakian, Deputy Director, ARC Energy Research Institute

Interview 3

Richard Farthing-Nichol, Project Manager, Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources

Interview 5

Tracey Teed Martin, Director, Toronto Region Operations, Enbridge Gas

Interview 2

Mayor Libby O’Hara and Councillor Emil Olsen, Town of Quispamsis, New Brunswick.

Interview 4

Dany Robidoux, Directeur Eco-West | Director, Éco-Ouest 

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