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Equitable Engagement

QUEST Canada Incorporates Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Principles into its Capacity Building Initiatives

QUEST Canada’s Equitable Engagement project recently reached a new milestone with the release of new resources and the launch of supplementary training opportunities for participating communities seeking to strengthen their Indigenous engagement efforts and incorporate equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) principles into their community energy and emissions plans (CEEPs).
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About the Project

QUEST Canada supports communities across the country, building community-level capacity by providing the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to develop and implement community energy and emissions plans (CEEPs). The Equitable Engagement project works to incorporate Indigenous knowledge as well as equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) considerations into QUEST Canada’s capacity building-based initiatives. The aim of this project is to ensure current and future participating communities are equipped with the tools, resources, and knowledge required to engage all stakeholders on the pathway to a durable and just net-zero future. 


The project consists of three phases, each designed to support communities on their pathway to net-zero.
A graphic depicting the Equitable Engagement project timeline


Multiple one-pagers have been developed to help participating communities navigate the development and implementation of equitable CEEPs.

Community Energy and Emissions Planning (CEEP) Overview

CEEP Framework for Success

CEEP Collective Impact

CEEP Value of Communities

CEEP Community Engagement

Partners & Funders


In order to ensure EDI considerations were adequately incorporated into this project, including the newly revised resources, QUEST Canada prioritized the benefits of holistic engagement by partnering with the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER), Dr. Runa Das from Royal Roads University, and the Tamarack Institute.


This project is made possible with support from the McConnell Foundation and the Suncor Energy Foundation (SEF).

Empowering Canadian Communities

QUEST Canada develops and implements projects with the aim to nurture strategic partnerships, facilitate connections, empower community champions, and influence decisions makers, supporting communities across Canada on their pathway to net-zero. Find out more about our projects:

Energy Transition Policy Program

Energy Transition Policy Program

The objective of QUEST Canada’s Energy Transition Policy Program is to engage in a collaborative discussion with energy decision-makers to align climate and energy transition planning and policies that will facilitate sustainable community energy systems in support of a net-zero carbon (carbon neutral) economy by 2050.

NCA: Prairies Cohort

NCA: Prairies Cohort

The NCA Program’s inaugural cohort, the Prairies Cohort, is currently comprised of ten participating communities from Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

New Brunswick Smart Energy Communities Accelerator Pilot Program

New Brunswick Smart Energy Communities Accelerator Pilot Program

The NB SECA Pilot Program successfully established a community energy planning accelerator to assist a series of New Brunswick communities and one First Nation, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to develop and implement community energy plans and understand the net economic benefit they can provide.