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The Smart Energy Communities Scorecard: Call for Expressions of Interest


Nov 1, 2017

Ottawa, Ontario – November 1, 2017. Today, QUEST and Pollution Probe launched the Smart Energy Communities Scorecard, a national initiative to develop a standardized approach for evaluating and benchmarking the pathways to Smart Energy Communities in Canada.

The project partners are seeking six pilot communities to participate in the development of the Scorecard. The successful candidates will benefit from participating in the project by:


Receiving a score, evaluating the policies and processes of the community


Receiving advisory support from the project team to improve the community’s score


Contributing to a national, standard approach for evaluating Smart Energy Communities in Canada


Connecting to a national network of communities that have leading energy data collection practices

Smart Energy Communities benefit from improved energy efficiency, enhanced reliability, lower costs, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by enhancing energy efficiency across an entire community, harnessing local energy opportunities, Integrating conventional energy networks and integrating land use and transportation planning.

The Scorecard will result in:


Standardized key performance indicators that define the pathways to Smart Energy Communities


A methodology to evaluate how local governments, utilities, the real estate sector and others are contributing to Smart Energy Communities


A Scorecard Report and a web-based dashboard, profiling community scores, and a roadmap for action to advance along the pathway to becoming a Smart Energy Community

The deadline to submit an Expression of Interest is November 30.

To learn more about the Scorecard national initiative and the benefits of participating as a pilot community, and to submit an Expression of Interest to participate as a Pilot Community click here.

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