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Supporting the Needs of Canada’s Smart Energy Community Leaders


Nov 17, 2013

Ottawa, ON – On Nov. 7, QUEST announced subscriber services to support the public sector, utilities, real-estate sector, energy industry, and professional firms with the implementation of smart energy communities.

QUEST’s subscriber services are designed to offer access to high-impact market intelligence, industry support, business brokering, and special networking events. These services support QUEST in educating and advocating for smart energy communities, while delivering value-added services for leaders in this quickly expanding marketplace.

“We’ve taken stock of the hundreds of smart energy community initiatives and projects underway in Canada that are advancing today’s municipalities and utilities into tomorrow’s future leaders,” said Michael Harcourt, QUEST Chair and CEO, “QUEST is now even better positioned to provide them with the support, resources and tools they require through our subscriber services.”

Smart energy communities happen when conventional energy networks are integrated to meet community energy needs in a coordinated fashion when land-uses are combined to minimize energy wasteful activities, and when readily available local alternative energy sources are incorporated. The result is increased energy efficiency while cutting costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Commencing in January 2014, QUEST subscribers will have complete access to the Smart Energy Atlas, a database of existing and proposed initiatives in Canada; personalized business brokering support, such as the pairing of service and technology providers to receptive and non-traditional markets; Invitation-only networking events; sector specific commissioned research; and, much, much more.

QUEST – Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow – is a national non-profit organization supported by a collaborative network of partners that undertakes research, policy analysis, outreach, and capacity building to advance smart energy communities in Canada.

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