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QUEST Launches Advisory Services for Smart Energy Communities


Sep 13, 2017

Ottawa, Ontario – August 22, 2017. Today, QUEST- Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow launched a suite of advisory services to support the Smart Energy Communities marketplace. The services include:

“We are excited to be launching our advisory services to respond to the needs of community energy practitioners across Canada. Delivered with support from our network of experts across Canada, our services will help unlock the impactful ideas, solutions, and innovations that are helping to make Smart Energy Communities a reality,” said Brent Gilmour, Executive Director of QUEST.

Our Community Energy Workshops and Charrettes offer an interactive and engaging approach to identify stakeholder perspectives on community energy, to support the visualization of energy use in a community, and to enhance energy literacy. The workshops and charrettes can be customized to engage a wide variety of participants.

Advisory support for Community Energy Plan Implementation is particularly beneficial for local governments, gas, electricity and thermal utilities, and, the real estate sector including owners, operators, and builders engaged in community energy planning and can be tailored to meet the needs of any community.

Secretariat and Facilitation Support is also offered for managing working groups, task forces, industry or non-profit programs, and/or communities of practice. QUEST works with clients to determine the type and level of secretariat services needed, such as project management, facilitation, and programming to create a customized offering.

Our advisory services will be offered by QUEST staff and Senior Associates. Meet the experts.

Learn more about QUEST’s Advisory Services here.

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