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Pathways to Innovation – Three Considerations for Ministers


Jul 16, 2015

Ottawa, Ontario – July 16, 2015. Accelerating innovation for energy delivery and management requires new funding models, better coordination among governments and industry, and getting local Canadian technologies to global markets, states the Summary Report from the National Policy Symposium on Energy Delivery and Management: Pathways to Innovation, released today by QUEST – Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow.

On April 15, 2015, QUEST, in partnership with Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada, and with support from the Canadian Gas Association and Canadian Electricity Association, hosted the National Policy Symposium on Energy Delivery and Management: Pathways to Innovation in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“Working together to develop the right policy, programs and regulatory environments to support innovation in the energy service delivery and management sector at the local level is essential,” said Brent Gilmour, Executive Director, QUEST, “and helps advance Smart Energy Communities which improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability, cut costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Symposium brought together industry and government decision-makers to identify the pathways to accelerate innovation in the energy delivery and management sector in Canada and to develop considerations for Ministers at the 2015 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference.

“For decades, natural gas distributors have been innovating to deliver affordable, clean, safe and reliable energy services across Canada,” said Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association. “This report outlines how innovation can be accelerated by new funding models and by effectively leveraging national programs.”

“A modernized electricity system is a critical enabler for our national economy, public health, education, and security,” said the Honourable Sergio Marchi, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association. “The report highlights that innovation in the sector can only be accelerated if decision-makers, legislators, and regulators modernize policies, programs, laws, and regulations to allow the industry to develop, test, and deploy the technological innovations needed to meet the expanding expectations of tomorrow’s customers.”

To read the full Summary Report click here.

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