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Communities Facing Challenges Implementing Community Energy Plans


Feb 10, 2015

LONDON, ON – Communities across Canada are facing challenges in implementing their Community Energy Plans, finds a new report released today by the Community Energy Association, QUEST – Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow, and Sustainable Prosperity.

The new report, entitled National Report on Community Energy Plan Implementation, is being released at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Sustainable Cities Conference in London, Ontario.

The report notes that 170 communities, representing 50 percent of the Canadian population, have a Community Energy Plan. These plans define community priorities around energy with a view to improving energy efficiency, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and driving local economic development.

This early research identifies that all communities – from big cities to smaller and rural communities – need support in navigating the challenges and getting to the implementation stages of their Community Energy Plans, where community energy projects such as renewables, thermal energy, smart energy networks, energy conservation programs, and other local opportunities are undertaken.

“Communities across Canada are looking to implement community energy projects. This report paints a picture of successes and challenges across the country in getting from plan to actual implementation,” explains Brent Gilmour, Executive Director of QUEST, one of the organizations that authored the report.

Dale Littlejohn, Executive Director of the Community Energy Association, adds: “This report underscores the need for a Community Energy Implementation Framework to serve as a roadmap for communities to get from Plan to community energy implementation”.

The National Report on Community Energy Plan Implementation report is the first instalment in a national, multi-year initiative entitled Community Energy Planning: Getting to Implementation in Canada. This initiative will produce and pilot a Community Energy Implementation Framework which will help communities that currently have a Community Energy Plan navigate challenges and get to implementation. The Framework will also provide resources for communities currently without a Plan to design an integrated and principle-based Community Energy Plan that optimizes the benefits and is poised for implementation.

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