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Changing Things Up In 2018

Jan 31, 2018

Historically, QUEST has brought together its network at our annual conference and tradeshow in various locations across Canada, but we are changing things up in 2018.

Accounting for nearly 60 percent of energy end-use and over half of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across Canada, Canadian communities along with their utilities, builders and developers and innovative product service suppliers are working hard to change those statistics.

Smart Energy Communities are increasingly being recognized as a primary facilitator of the low-carbon economy. Communities where local measures that are designed to reduce current and future energy use, while also offering opportunities for businesses to grow and adapt and for communities to strengthen in a rapidly changing economic environment are being explored and implemented.

In order to focus on sharing of regional and local challenges and opportunities, QUEST is bringing our traditional annual gathering to a regional event near you in 2018. QUESTtalks – Enabling Smart Energy Infrastructure will bring together leading-edge experts to examine the issues that matter to your community and your region including topics such as adaptation, resilience and energy security.

The QUEST network is vast with 10 regional working groups, 2 national working groups, 7 Caucuses, over 100 Subscribers, 1500 Social media followers, and 7 senior associates working on projects across Canada. Our network offers expertise in community energy planning implementation, building and transportation infrastructure, clean technology and smart technology.

QUESTtalks is an opportunity to look at what matters in your region and meet with experts to find solutions, advance your business, build connections, and help make Smart Energy Communities a reality.

Save the Date for the first QUESTtalks taking place on April 18th, 2018 at the Enmax District Energy Centre in Calgary, AB.

QUESTtalks will be coming to Atlantic Canada in late June and Central Canada in October. Stay tuned for date and location announcements by joining our mailing list here.

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