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Low-Carbon Thermal Network

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The Low-Carbon Thermal Network will enhance cooperation between QUEST Canada Partners with an interest in low-carbon thermal energy by providing a forum for discussion and information exchange intended to help build a robust low-carbon thermal marketplace in Canada.

Low-carbon thermal energy is a topic gaining significant attention in Canada. With increased emphasis on lowering greenhouse gas emissions and achieving climate change targets, there is a need for low carbon thermal stakeholders to organize, share ideas, build relationships and advocate for a robust low carbon thermal marketplace in Canada.




Ideation: Participants will have the opportunity to identify barriers, opportunities and gaps providing QUEST with the information needed to refine our recommendations at a municipal, provincial and federal level.


Market Intelligence: Gathering intelligence from experts across the Low Carbon Thermal Network participant base on new low carbon thermal energy technologies, approaches, and other solutions, and establishing pathways for their adoption and deployment across Canada.


Education & Awareness: Advancement of knowledge and understanding among customers and policymakers regarding the potential for low carbon thermal solutions.


Networking & Peer Learning: Connecting, sharing, and learning in a collaborative atmosphere to foster the intra- and inter-provincial relationships needed to accelerate the implementation of low carbon thermal energy systems in Canada.

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District Energy Website

The District Energy Website presented by QUEST Canada and the YMCA of Greater Toronto will help demystify the technology and the process of building community energy systems – systems that can help Canada and the world reduce carbon pollution and increase community resiliency.

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