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Smart Energy Leaders’ Dialogue

Working Group

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The Smart Energy Leaders’ Dialogue (LD) is a forum for senior executives and decision-makers from the Canadian energy industry, government, and related sectors to formulate common understanding and develop critical insight on how we use, move and produce energy in communities across Canada with a focus on the development of Smart Energy Communities.

The LD takes a holistic view of Canadian energy infrastructure and acknowledges that different participants within the energy value chain start with different understandings, challenges, and opportunities. LD participants have regard for QUEST’s mission, vision, values, and undertake to draw on the QUEST principles to guide discussion and to maintain a balanced and informed perspective


LD meetings use a salon-style format that includes active conversation, small group, and intimate setting and follow the Chatham House Rule.

It is a forum to discuss cross-cutting issues impacting policy, program, and business model activities related to how we use, move, and produce energy in communities. For each session, LD members are encouraged to identify potential speakers and guests to have as observers.

While the LD traditionally holds one in-person meeting in Eastern, Central and Western Canada every year, in 2020 all meetings will be virtual.

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