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Distributed Energy Resources

Working Group

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Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) is a national working group with a regional focus on sources of energy that are connected at the community level to a distribution system. The working group was established in February 2019 to engage and connect relevant industry stakeholders in discussions about how we influence positive change as our energy systems evolve.

Working Group Participants

Utilities & Energy Service Providers

Product & Service Suppliers

Law & Insurance

Governments, Associations, & Non-Profits

Building & Development Sector





Explore the social, economic, & environmental benefits to communities through engagement and discussion with key stakeholders


Identify and address conditions, requirements, and current barriers to DERs implementation


Advocate for supportive policies and programs for DERs at all levels of government


Community level distributed energy resources – sources of energy that are connected at the community level to a distribution system


Systems and drivers that support them including community resilience initiatives, micro-grids, the changing grid system and service models, market structure, policy and regulation


Social, economic, and environmental benefits to communities realized through their integration and successful roll-out


Policy and regulation to enable successful implementation







QUEST National DERs webinar featuring CERI primer - Feb 21-2020

DERs Working Group Information Session - Webinar Recording and Presentation

This presentation provides an overview of the Working Group including background, the need and drivers for the launch, value of participation for various stakeholders, objectives, format, approach etc., as well as some information on QUEST as an organization and what we do.

DERS Working Group Policy Session - Webinar Recording and Presentation

This webinar features a presentation from Principal Consultant of Envigour Policy Consulting Inc. and QUEST Senior Associate, Bruce Cameron on the findings of recent work on DERs policy in Canada. Also, learn more about the upcoming schedule, charter, and membership for the DERs Working Group. Watch the webinar or view the slide deck here.


2019/2020 DERs Working Group Work Plan and Schedule

The Work Plan and Schedule covers the objectives and associated activities, sessions, timelines for 2019 and 2020, and intended outcomes for the Working Group. This is a living document and will be updated as the Working Group evolves and key areas of focus are identified.


Visit our events calendar and stay tuned to the QUEST Newsletter for 2020 Working Group meeting dates.

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