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Renewable Natural Gas:

The Ontario Opportunity


This business case study examines the potential growth of an innovative energy source, renewable natural gas (RNG). The study documents the application process for two of Ontario’s largest natural gas utilities to the Ontario Energy Board in late 2011 to advance RNG as a new supply source under a regulated investment model. This case study undertakes to define RNG, identifies its key attributes, highlights its use in jurisdictions outside Ontario, and provides an in-depth analysis of its current and potential application within Ontario. The case study demonstrates that the creation of an RNG industry in Ontario could bring significant benefits to the province and contribute to meeting the Government of Ontario’s greenhouse gas, energy efficiency and clean air targets.

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Principles for Smart Energy Communities

A Smart Energy Community seamlessly integrates local, renewable, and conventional energy sources to efficiently, cleanly, and affordably meet its energy needs. It is a coveted, highly livable place to live, work, learn, and play.The successful implementation of Smart...