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Policy Submission

Pre-Budget Consultation in Advance of Federal Budget 2022


Aug 5, 2021

Restarting the Economy by Supporting Canadian Communities in the Transition to Net-Zero

Pre-Budget Consultation in Advance of Federal Budget 2022

QUEST has submitted three recommendations in advance of the 2022 federal budget:

Recommendation 1. Invest $20M over 3 years to engage Canada’s diverse communities in the net-zero transition to deepen understanding of the implications and opportunities of a net-zero economy and lay the foundation to accelerate local action.

Recommendation 2. Invest $50M over 5 years to strengthen the capacity of small and medium-size communities to establish frameworks and sound governance structures to implement climate mitigation and adaptation solutions. 

Recommendation 3. Scale up innovative financial tools for local governments to develop greater financial capability and effectively contribute to the net-zero objective.

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