City Of London Community Energy

Action Plan


The City of London’s Community Energy Action Plan is a tool that will lead to significant savings for their local economy; every one percent reduction in energy use that Londoners and London businesses achieve will keep about $10 million from leaving the economy. London’s Community Energy Action Plan will be the community’s plan for London, not the City of London’s plan for the community, and will include the following key principles: Start first with conservation, Invest in energy efficiency and good design, Make use of free heat and free light, Build on local strengths, Use renewable energy, Measure your progress, and Share your stories.

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Town of Woodstock

Woodstock was the first incorporated town in New Brunswick on May 1, 1856 and boasts some of the finest 19th Century Victorian heritage homes, churches and civic buildings.

Village of Southern Victoria

On January 1, 2023, the village changed its name to the Village of Southern Victoria as a result of Local Governance Reform. The Village is located in Victoria County, in western New Brunswick and is in close proximity to Tobique First Nation. The community is located in close proximity to the Trans Canada Highway, which has allowed it to develop an Industrial Park. It is also just 10 km from the US border.

St. Mary’s First Nation

Sitansisk is one of six communities that make up the Wolastoqiyik Nation. Sitansisk is a vital part of New Brunswick’s Capital City of Fredericton and is located next to the Wolastoq (also known as the Saint John River) on approximately 125.8 plus one hectares of land; a mere fraction of the Wolastoqiyik traditional unceded ancestral territory.