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Turning Investments into Successful Outcomes

Helen Platis

Nov 24, 2017

Across Canada, communities account for 60% of our energy usage and over half of our greenhouse gas emissions. Energy costs remain an increasing burden for communities. This combination represents an ideal starting point for local governments, utilities, energy service providers, and the buildings sector, to begin actively responding to commitments for greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, while also realizing substantial economic and social benefits. These benefits include cost savings, employment, economic development and healthier communities.

For almost a decade, QUEST has been focusing on supporting our stakeholders to achieve their energy objectives through the development of Smart Energy Communities, aiming at reducing GHG emissions, lowering energy use, driving the adoption of clean technologies, and strengthening local economies and job creation in Canada.

QUEST Subscriber Services are key to unlocking the partnerships that communities are looking for to turn investments into successful outcomes. QUEST Subscribers have access to advanced tools, industry support, market intelligence, and networking opportunities to become leaders in Smart Energy Communities.

QUEST Subscribers receive premier access to many service offerings:


A profile in the 2018 Smart Energy Communities Catalogue – the “Yellow Pages” of smart energy professionals, reaching over 8,000 decision makers across Canada


Access to QUEST’s growing network of 8 Caucuses across Canada


Participation in specialized QUEST Working Groups including real-time notification of legislation, regulatory and policy changes


Ongoing Market Intelligence, including the findings of QUEST’s annual Market Report


Support for your organization’s priorities through relationship building, resource support, and advocacy


Reinforcement of your organization’s messaging through QUEST extensive channels, including social media, newsletters & QUEST research projects


20% discount for QUEST Advisory Services and QUEST events and exhibiting at our 3 regional conferences – Atlantic, Central, and Western Canada


Discounted membership/registration with QUEST partner organizations


Contributions to the Smart Energy Communities Scorecard: An initiative scoring communities on a smart energy rating index

Many major organizations and companies have benefitted from being a QUEST Subscriber. See what they have to say about their participation.

“The Canadian Gas Association has benefitted directly from QUEST’s business brokering services and recognizes QUEST’s unique position to identify business opportunities in the emerging Smart Energy Communities marketplace.”

Timothy Egan

President & CEO, Canadian Gas Association

“Powerstream attended the ECOP Planning Alignment Session in Markham which provided a unique and valuable forum for preliminary discussions surrounding the opportunities for alignment among community and regional energy planning stakeholders in York Region.”

Neetika Sathe

Vice President Corporate Development, Powerstream

For more Information concerning how you can become a QUEST Subscriber and benefit from the activities of Caucuses and Working Groups across Canada visit our website or contact Helen Platis at [email protected].

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