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Canadian Local Energy Champions recognized by new National Award


Sep 7, 2012


OTTAWA, ON: QUEST – Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow –announces the launch of the “Community Energy Builder Award”, which will be awarded annually to recognize leadership and innovation by a community builder in Canada in establishing smart energy communities. The inaugural 2012 Community Energy Builder Award will be presented at the QUEST 2012 GALA Dinner, taking place Tuesday, November 20, at Manitoba Hydro Place in Winnipeg, MB as part of the QUEST 2012 International Conference and Tradeshow – Smart Energy Communities in Cold Climates.

The Community Energy Builder Award recognizes the achievements of an organization – including municipalities, utilities, private firms, non-profit organizations and the professional and energy sectors – that has completed a community energy plan or project in 2011-2012 that advances Integrated Community Energy Solutions (ICES).

“Canada is facing some significant energy and infrastructure challenges. Addressing these increasingly complex challenges is going to require integrated solutions and cooperation”, said Michael Harcourt, Former Premier of British Columbia and Mayor of Vancouver, and Chair of QUEST. “The Community Energy Builder Award will recognize leadership in this area” continued Harcourt.

ICES are all about creating smart energy communities by linking energy with land use, buildings, transportation, waste, water and related community infrastructure. Examples include turning sewage gas into space and water heating, which happens in Vancouver; capturing cooling from local lake or sea water to cool buildings, which is happening in Toronto and Halifax; turning landfill gas into electricity, which is happening in Ste-Sophie, Québec; the development of comprehensive community energy plans, which has happened in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario; as well as a range of other initiatives that improve overall efficiency of energy use and delivery in Canada..

“Smart energy communities are being successfully built all across Canada. QUEST is excited to champion this local excellence and to share these successes through the Community Energy Builder Award,” said Brent Gilmour, Executive Director of QUEST. “The award will help QUEST showcase projects and plans in Canada that illustrate smart energy communities and to inspire other community builders to think ‘smart’ in their own communities” said Brent.

Nominations will be accepted until October 19, 2012. Nominees for the inaugural 2012 QUEST Community Energy Builder Award will be announced on October 24, 2012.

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