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Advancing Community Energy Planning Alignment & Implementation Framework

What is a CEP? 

A Community Energy Plan (CEP) defines a community’s priorities around energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Responding to the global climate emergency, these plans increasingly chart a long-term course towards net-zero emissions. Accordingly, they often envision unprecedented transformations in how energy is generated and used in virtually every aspect of community life: how we live, work, travel, learn, and play.

What is the CEP Alignment and Implementation Framework? 

The CEP Alignment and Implementation Framework is intended to assist communities who have an existing CEP to identify and activate the resources and actors needed to drive its implementation. The framework provides an integrated approach that communities can employ to engage and align the efforts and objectives of all relevant stakeholders in order to unlock opportunities for achieving community energy and emission goals and support municipalities in the transition to net-zero. The Framework aims to improve the prospects and mechanics for CEP implementation, ensuring that resources are targeted at initiatives that have strong support, will provide substantial benefits, and address broad community priorities.

CEP Elements

Identify key elements of the CEP, and the relationships between them.

Priority Identification

Determine which CEP objectives should be prioritized to improve efficiency and effectiveness of plan implementation.

Stakeholder Identification, Mapping, and Roles

Identify the stakeholders who can drive CEP implementation, how they can contribute, and the roles they are best suited to play.

Sectoral Strategy Development

Engage stakeholders in developing new strategies that can achieve CEP objectives.

The Function of the Coordinator

Determine which organization or entity is best suited to play the role of CEP coordinator.

Ongoing Improvement and Maintenance

Revisit the framework as circumstances change and implementation progresses.

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