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Positioning for net-zero by 2050 through the establishment of SECA Program


Juil 20, 2020

Positioning for net-zero by 2050 through the establishment of Smart Energy Community (SEC) Accelerator Program

As part of the forthcoming stimulus measures, QUEST proposes to develop the SEC Accelerator Program to accelerate the implementation of SECs in Canada. This program packages tools and workshops that QUEST and our partners have already worked directly with communities to develop and refine

By 2030 the SEC Accelerator Program will:


Provide an online hub of free resources to support SEC implementation for all Canadian communities


Provide tailored support to 40 SEC Accelerator Hubs that will:

  • Improve average community SEC Benchmark scores to at least 70%
  • Increase capacity by at least 25% to ensure ongoing implementation of initiatives
  • Ensure that $1 billion in annual energy costs, that would have otherwise have left the community, are retained in local economies
  • Provide 3,000 new jobs during the community energy plan implementation investment phase 
  • 1,000 person-years of employment during the 20-year savings phase
  • Provide a minimum of 40 projects aligned with ESG and Green and Sustainability Bond investment principles


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