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AUC’s Distribution System Inquiry


Mar 1, 2020

AUC’s Distribution System Inquiry


QUEST Canada recommends that AUC adopts Regulatory Sandboxes as a tool to increase the regulator’s flexibility and agility in finding quick and collaborative regulatory solutions to uncertainties created by the transformation of Alberta’s energy systems and to unforeseen technical, regulatory, economic, and financial barriers. More specifically, Regulatory Sandboxes can be used to review and update the existing performance-based regulation (PBR) by considering additional performance goals related to the deployment of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and the adaptation to increasing climate hazards.


QUEST Canada recommends that the AUC continues to recognize municipalities as specific energy players in the Alberta energy landscape and develop principles that enable them to become Smart Energy Communities through better access to information, better engagement, and more enabling regulation. This principle means that the AUC could consider designing specific engagement and consultation processes for municipalities, municipal organisations and organisations working with municipal organisations; developing resources targeted at municipal governments; reviewing the regulatory challenges and barriers municipal organisations are facing.


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