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Webcast: How Hilo built Hydro-Quebec’s first virtual power plant through partnership

November 15, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

About the Event

Hilo is building out Quebec’s first decentralized, province-wide and ever-growing virtual power plant.

Leveraging behavioural economics, IoT aggregation and innovative partnerships, Hilo is accelerating the energy transition by bridging the gap between the needs of the electric grid and its users.

Find out more in this one-hour webcast about what it took to get to this point, key results and findings, and what’s coming next.


David Saint-Germain, Chief Technology Officer, Hilo

David Saint-Germain is the CTO of Hilo, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, preparing the province’s energy transition. Hilo develops novel energy control products and behavioural accompaniment solutions essential to decarbonize society and speed up the transition to electric mobility. These products encompass a virtual power plant, as well as leading energy aggregation solutions able to manage the volatility inherent to distributed energy resources and electric vehicle charging. Previously, David was the CTO of PBSC Urban Solutions, the world leader in micromobility recently acquired by Lyft.

Sherif Zaroubi, CEO and Partner at Axceta

CEO and Partner at Axceta, an IoT consulting firm, Sherif Zaroubi has experience rolling out scalable solutions and teams in a vast array of industries (ecommerce, fintech, media, energy) with a focus over the last 3 years on the smart energy grid. Sherif Zaroubi has been focusing on helping grid operators integrate new DERs, as well as equipment manufactures convert their products into DER solutions.

Hosted by: QUEST Canada
Sponsored by: Microsoft




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