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Innovation Sandboxes


The Innovation Sandboxes Project will help accelerate Canadian electricity and natural gas systems to a low-emissions future by creating frameworks to enable innovation sandboxes in Canada.

Jurisdictions worldwide have already implemented or are looking to implement sandboxes to accelerate the transition of energy systems. The goal of this project is to collaboratively create foundational policy frameworks and principles for Innovation Sandboxes that are tailored to participating Canadian province and territorial energy systems to enable technological, service and business model innovation. These foundational frameworks can then be used by policymakers, regulators, and other stakeholders to change existing policies and regulations or create more effective policies, regulations, and programs to accelerate the transition to a low-emissions future.

Innovation Sandboxes promote innovation by allowing for collaboration and experimentation to happen safely and in a controlled way in a real-world environment. Innovation Sandboxes include Innovation Hubs, where knowledge exchange is encouraged, and Innovation Enquiry Services, where innovators are helped in navigating the regulatory system and perceived barriers. Regulatory trials are another element that look at overcoming actual regulatory barriers to innovation and work to identify the costs and benefits of removing those barriers through real-world experimentation.

By learning through these experiments, Innovation Sandboxes enable governments, policymakers, regulators, utilities, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders to identify barriers to innovation and remove them by introducing meaningful institutional changes.

Innovation Sandbox Toolkit

Innovation Sandboxes toolkit

Project Timeline

Phase I - Research

2020 – Initial research and launch of two summary reports:

  • Report #1 – Review of International Innovation Sandboxes (Spring release)
  • Report #2 – Next Steps for Canadian Innovation Sandboxes (Fall release)

Phase II - Innovation Sandboxes for the Energy Sector - Framing Workshops

2021/22 – A series of workshops delivered in three Canadian jurisdictions and designed to explore how to enable innovation while considering both perceived and real barriers. They will identify indicators, measures, and criteria to evaluate the social, environmental, and economic costs and benefits of innovations tested within sandboxes.

Phase III - Visioning and Framework Reports

2023 – Final report on learnings from the research and workshops on a national vision based on jurisdictional realities for the role of Innovation Sandboxes in Canada’s low-emissions future.

Phase IV - Maintaining the Momentum

2023 – The project will wrap with a national conference to disseminate project results, maintain the project momentum, and explore the next phase of Innovation Sandboxes in Canada.

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If you are representative of a utility, regulator, or government, agency, or research institution and would like your province or territory to be a part of this project – Contact Laura Gareau to learn more.

What's New?

Project updates

June 2020

Project official launch. See the news release here.

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This project is made possible by support from the Suncor Energy Foundation (SEF) .

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