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Enabling Community Energy Plan Implementation

in New Brunswick

Supporting Implementation

The Enabling Municipal Implementation of Community Energy Plans (CEPs) project will utilize the Getting to Implementation framework to help 25 New Brunswick municipalities grow their capacity to implement CEPs.

Through the support of the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund and New Brunswick Power, QUEST will guide local governments through workshops and virtual consultations, present a recommendations report to each participating community, and identify the level and types of assistance communities across New Brunswick require to implement their CEPs.

Key activities will include:

  • Delivering both in-person half day workshops, and virtual engagements to grow capacity for plan implementation 
  • Conducting a CEP implementation readiness assessment (Using the Getting to Implementation tool developed by QUEST) for 25 communities
  • The preparation of recommendation reports for enabling implementation of CEPs within each municipality
  • Conducting an analysis of engagement strategies and outcomes
  • The development of a final report identifying the types of assistance New Brunswick communities require to implement CEPs

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