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Fueling the Future with Renewable Natural Gas

Navigating the Redesign of Conventional Energy Systems

Blog, Energy Roles Series Shares Like 1 Facebook Twitter 1 LinkedIn 2 Gmail The last decade has seen rapid technological innovation around the world. In Canada, we have experienced this firsthand as we can see how technology has altered the way we live our lives, in...
Fueling the Future with Renewable Natural Gas

To BE or not to BE?

Blog, Energy Roles Series QUESTtalks: Policy Tabletop Preview This blog is the first of a series that will highlight upcoming QUESTtalks speakers and focus on the application of specific energy types in a smart energy future. Stay tuned for the role of natural gas and...
Fueling the Future with Renewable Natural Gas

Charting a Course for Energy in the Federal Election

Blog It is an important time in energy politics. Last month the federal government released Budget 2019. While the budget was positive overall for Smart Energy Communities in Canada, a more important story is about to unfold. The federal election is set for October...
Fueling the Future with Renewable Natural Gas

What Does Budget 2019 Mean for Smart Energy Communities?

Blog In case you missed the commentary and analysis in the days following the release of the 2019 federal budget, here is a breakdown on what it all means for Smart Energy Communities. Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Conservation Just over $1 billion over the next...