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Policy and Advocacy

Enabling Meaningful Climate Action in the Building Sector Across Nova Scotia


Juin 28, 2021

This Policy Brief was developed by the members of the QUEST Nova Scotia Buildings Working Group over the course of two meetings coordinated by QUEST in January and March 2021. QUEST developed five themes that captured a broad scope of building-energy issues and opportunities to explore.

The Brief was submitted to Nova Scotia’s Department of Energy and Mines and Department of Environment and Climate Change in June 2021.

The Buildings Working Group has made recommendations in the following five categories:


Data and tracking


Funding and financing


Education and training


Standards, codes, quality assurance


Workforce capacity

Each category is distinct and addresses a particular area of need or opportunity to advance the energy and environmental performance of buildings in Nova Scotia. Many of the recommendations are also complementary, enhancing and supplementing one another.


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