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Your Climate Resilience Program Qualified Consultant

Do you need help to create your climate adaptation plan and increase your resilience against the impacts of climate change and extreme weather? Apply for the Climate Adaptation Program!

About the Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program

The Government of Alberta is providing $4.5 million for Alberta municipalities and Indigenous communities to assess adaptation measures and to create climate resilience plans. This funding will help you reduce negative impacts and leverage opportunities so you can feel secure in your community’s future. The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is providing up to $80,000 per project for municipalities and Indigenous communities to invest in climate resilience capacity building. The following funding streams are now open:


Planning Stream: Assess your community’s vulnerability to climate change and/or create a climate adaptation and resilience plan.


Strategies and Initiatives Stream: Research the feasibility of adaptation measures in your community’s plan and/or prepare measures for implementation.


Indigenous Climate Resilience Stream: Increase your Indigenous community’s capacity for climate resilience planning, recognizing the unique impacts, needs, and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples, including the use of Indigenous and/or Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Why Choose QUEST Canada as Your Climate Resilience Program Qualified Consultant?

We are a national non-profit that support communities in Canada on their pathway to net-zero. Since 2007, we’ve been facilitating connections, empowering community champions and influencing decision-makers to implement efficient and integrated energy systems that best meet community needs and maximize local opportunities. 

We help municipalities, as well as Indigenous communities in partnership with the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER), located in Alberta, and their local utilities, increase their resilience against the impacts of climate change and extreme weather.

Our process is highly customizable to the local context and will occur over an 8-12 month period, depending on your Community’s capacity.

We Can Help You Succeed in Climate Adaptation Planning


Increase resilience against extreme weather by aligning municipal, community and utility assets and planning processes

Build local capacity

Build local capacity in the climate resilience assessment process, and provide the tools to update your climate adaptation plan in the future


As a qualified consultant for the Alberta Climate Resilience Program, our service costs will be fully covered under Climate Resilience Program funding

Services We Offer

We combine established climate data portals, community surveys and participatory workshops to achieve these goals. We work in close partnership with the community throughout the process to provide administrative support, technical and engagement expertise as well as resources, tools and ongoing coaching to best enable the community to reduce their climate risk and take action on resilience.
We work in partnership with the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) to make our existing resilience tools more suitable for the specific needs of Indigenous communities. Our services include:

climate risks


A rigorous assessment of municipal strengths and vulnerabilities in the face of climate change



An action plan, co-developed with your community, which outlines realistic ways to improve resilience and track progress



Visually-appealing and impactful materials and graphics to share key project takeaways

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We will work in close partnership with the municipal leads to provide administrative support, resources and coaching to reduce climate risk and take action on resilience

Alberta Communities That Benefited From our Expertise

Since 2019, we have supported communities interested in understanding their risk to climate change impacts and identifying realistic ways to improve their resilience. Our team has successfully completed community resilience assessments in seven Alberta municipalities, developing local capacity, breaking down communication silos between stakeholders and leading to resilience improvements on the ground.

Big Lakes County Alberta logo
town of Cochrane alberta
town of devon alberta
town of Okotoks alberta
Ponoka county alberta

The recommendations from the two reports QUEST prepared will allow us to prioritize adaptation actions and will support our work on our Climate Action Plan. During the workshops, the benefits of getting multiple internal and external stakeholders in one room to identify and prioritize emergency management as part of climate adaptation were very valuable, and allowed us to identify overlaps in what we are doing in emergency management and what we need in climate adaptation.

Nancy Weigel

Corporate & Strategic Services Director/Deputy CAO, Town of Okotoks

This project was efficiently delivered by QUEST. QUEST utilized its network to bring in great presenters during the two workshops. The workshops also allowed our internal and external stakeholders to provide feedback and learn during the engagement sessions. Thanks to the reports generated by QUEST we now have an understanding of where our strengths and weaknesses lie and how to better manage them in case of climate emergency.

Ray Ralph

Mayor, The Town of Devon

The Town of Raymond appreciates being included in this initiative. The more information you have, the better decisions you can make, and this report will help us prepare for whatever challenges or opportunities that may accompany our changing climate.

Kurtis Pratt

CAO, Town of Raymond

This project gave us a path to implementation. The results will be taken to council to be added to the strategic plan and integrated into the Town’s operations. It was great to be involved with the other participants and the project implementation team.

Les Quinton

Parks and Recreation Manager, Town of Black Diamond

How To Apply

We are looking to guide municipalities and Indigenous communities located in Alberta through the MCCAC’s Climate Resilience Program and successfully lead the development of local climate adaptation plans.

As a Qualified Consultant, we are pleased to offer your community support in applying for MCCAC CRP funding and looks forward to working through this climate resilience process with you.

Climate Adaptation & Resilience Resources

Advancing Community Energy Resilience in Alberta | webinar

Alberta’s climate is changing and this presentation discussed its impact on our energy infrastructure, as well as the cost of damage and energy disruption on communities. It also focused on building resilient energy communities in Alberta, including community hazard and adaptation outcomes and trends, as well as recommendations and potential next steps.

Advancing Community Energy Resilience Primer Report

The report builds on work QUEST completed with 7 Alberta municipalities, an extensive literature review on the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) decisions and interviews completed with 6 utilities. Policy-makers at the municipal and provincial levels will gain a better understanding of the state of energy resilience in Alberta. Recommendations to improve community resilience are included for the Government of Alberta, AUC, at the community level and between utilities and communities.

Download the Work Through the Climate Adaptation Program with QUEST brochure

Our Partner

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources logo

Established as a national First Nation directed environmental non-profit charitable organization in 1995, the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER)’s mission is to work in partnership with Indigenous nations to support and ​build sustainable Indigenous communities and ​​protect lands and waters.

We work with CIER to address the specific Climate Adaptation Planning needs of the Albertan Indigenous Communities.

Program Funder

Municipal Climate Change Action Centre
L' Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is a partnership of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and Rural Municipalities of Alberta. They provide funding, technical assistance, and education to municipalities, schools, and community organizations, helping them lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve climate resilience.

Other Resources

QUEST mène et prépare une recherche appliquée de pointe pour habiliter les praticiens et les décideurs avec les outils dont ils ont besoin pour faire progresser les communautés énergétiques intelligentes. En savoir plus sur nos projets:

Energy Transition Policy Program

Energy Transition Policy Program

The objective of QUEST Canada’s Energy Transition Policy Program is to engage in a collaborative discussion with energy decision-makers to align climate and energy transition planning and policies that will facilitate sustainable community energy systems in support of a net-zero carbon (carbon neutral) economy by 2050.

Town of Salisbury

Town of Salisbury

Salisbury is a town located in Westmorland County, New Brunswick. A village for 57 years, in January 2023 it was amalgamated with parts of four local districts to become a new town.